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I believe the purpose of education is to explore students' potential and guide them to identify their talent and passion. Public affairs education, in particular, is to train passionate public servants and teach the next generation to be engaged citizens.


I view teaching as the exchange of knowledge between students and teachers. My approaches to effective teaching include inclusive learning, peer learning, case-based learning, service learning.

Also, I believe lifelong learning is the key to success. I care about student success beyond the course and degree. So I teach students not only knowledge but also learning skills.


Applied Research Design

Master of Public Administration core course

@Rutgers University - Newark

Course Description

Building on the skills of data analysis and statistical inference learned in Applied Statistics (561), this course exposes students to issues central to understanding and applying research-based evidence to public affairs and administration. These issues include the use of theory or models, measurement concepts and methods, qualitative and quantitative modes of observation, identifying causes, the logic of control variables, and the design of experiments and quasi-experiments. The emphasis is on learning these ideas through practice with many different

examples of real-world research and empirical evidence.

Student Testimonials

"I enjoyed all the aspects, but to mention a few, Reading & Resources weekly section Superb (eye-opener), the project assignment, the way it was directed, students comment section and designing the questionnaires sample ahead capstone project, etc. I got the confidence needed for my present and future ambition without fear."

"This is the course needed before our Capstone course. I felt a bit nervous but after the first introduction class and first few assignments, I felt better. Instructor Hanjin Mao made the material understandable but also gave each of us the opportunity to lead a discussion and to research the materials beforehand. This encouraged me to understand the material and how it will apply to not only the course but also the capstone. The projects that she had us do really taught me the material and how to research whether it be personal, professional, or for the capstone would look like."

"The projects really prepared me in understanding how to design a survey, prepare a logic model and now write a research proposal. These are projects needed for us graduate students for not only our capstone but anything that we may do."

"Professor was very clear in expectations and clearly illustrated what was required of the students. When there was a question, professor responded very quickly to everyone's needs."

"I have already recommended my friends take Professor Mao's course, I really appreciate her care towards students. She really took her time to create the content for the course and it was very beneficial."

Performance Measurement and Reporting for Public & Nonprofit Organizations

Master of Public Administration elective course

@Rutgers University - Newark

Course Description

The processes of public and nonprofit performance measurement and management are explored in depth. Theories of public and nonprofit performance are reviewed with a clear focus on application in the management setting. Types of measures are reviewed and their relationships are explored through program logic models. The selection of key performance indicators and proximate measures are discussed. Tools and methods of performance measurement, including benchmarking and trend analysis, are introduced. Data collection, analysis, and reporting are reviewed. Students learn how to align performance measurement with strategic organizational goals and objectives in order to facilitate learning and improved effectiveness. Studies will include a variety of readings and resources from federal, state-local and non-profit sectors. Prepares managers – and those aspiring to become managers and organizational leaders – to use performance information more effectively in improving programs and delivering better outcomes.

Student Testimonials

"Not only was the professor available to answer any and all questions guiding students through the course learning materials, but she also encouraged peer learning through weekly discussion boards. I thoroughly enjoyed and learned a great deal from this class."


"The course provided real-life practice for the current workplace. All lessons related to real-life examples and was easy to understand and


"I appreciate that Prof. Mao allowed us to reuse examples for demonstrating knowledge of the course content during our big assignments. It was especially helpful if you were using examples from your work as it provided the opportunity to apply what you learn immediately after the lesson was over. For example, I used the second assignment as a basis for changing up how I plan to execute one of my programs at work in the coming months."

"The readings are very interesting. Projects are very timely and varied to keep students engaged."

"Professor provided excellent feedback and great examples when I was confused on certain topics or projects."

"The outline of the course material seemed to be perfectly aligned with my professional development needs."

"I liked the structure of the course content, discussion boards with frequent peer interaction, projects, and real-life examples."

"I liked that the professor was so understanding throughout the course."

"We have manageable readings every week. Cumulative grades means no long paper at the end of the semester making up a big portion of the grade."

"I liked how flexible and supportive the professor was to students."

"This course fills several gaps in my knowledge of MPA and how I can use those performance tools in the future."

Teaching Certificates

I seek to take advantage of every training opportunity available to improve my teaching skills. My students and I all benefit from my efforts to acquire comprehensive pedagogical knowledge and skills.
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